Top taboos on poker tables


The etiquette of poker is not only on what you have to do but also on what you should not do while playing poker at IDN poker or any other site. The following are points of the taboos that you need to avoid when playing at poker tables.

Having to reveal your cards during a hand

When you reveal your cards during a hand, regardless of whether you are active or not, it is poker’s etiquette. It gives away information to the table that will provide an advantage to one player over the other.

If, for example, there is a player who happens to be on a draw and hopes for a specific card to come and you reveal what you have, and it happens that one of them is what they want, it will change the manner in which they play their card, which is an unfair advantage.

You always have to remember that there are several ways in which you can end up revealing your cards while on the poker table. You can avoid telling everyone what you have, but you have to be careful not to accidentally reveal your cards. When you throw your cards carelessly when you fold, it can result in exposing them.

Your reaction when you see a flop after you fold your cards might also give away unplanned information. If you try to exclaim in frustration that you could have ended up with a great hand, the other players might determine what you could be having in your hand to some degree.

Talking about a hand that you are not involved in

When you give a running commentary regarding a hand, you are not involved in. It is against poker etiquette. Nobody is ready to listen to your views of what each player may not or may have, what they are supposed to do next, or what you believe has to happen next.

It might become very annoying to other players involved in the hand as they most want maximum concentration. It could also be seen as advising a player, which is not allowed in poker rooms.

Criticizing your opponents

You are not there to criticize the way your opponents are playing. Even if they make huge mistakes, it is to your advantage, and you should take it with grace and play to win. If you criticize, it is not allowed and prohibited in poker.

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