Best Affordable Alternatives Apps For Graphic Designers


The mobile app industry is growing immensely, and entrepreneurs are perfectly tapping this market, launching new apps daily. Graphics, colors, and font variety are vital elements to consider when you work within the graphic design industry. Having a computer that makes work with these three things easy and transferable between computers is extremely important. Apple has always established its brand as being a very design-focused computer, often surpassing PCs in many regards. Mac color calibration and the display are usually more accurate, and more configurable.

Dexigner for iPhone

With this app, it keeps you current with the latest news, exhibitions, events, competitions, and conferences having to do with anything concerning design. Stay up-to-date with the newest designs at events and competitions. Furthermore, download is not required; you only require to navigate the developer’s site using your iPhone.

Sketchbook Express

Designers always love drawing; therefore, if you want to draw any sketch out, let this app be your companion at such moments. This excellent app is a free sketching and painting app that is specially designed for creative soul enthusiasts who prefer to draw down every imaginative plan. It was initially created by Autodesk, and include different tools to assist graphic designers in ensuring that their work is one step ahead of others. Overall, it is a fabulous app that every designer should install.

Color Expert

This app contains great tools to assist designers and artists in identifying, translating, capture, and showcase color. With Color Expert, you’ll have the tools to seize the moment, the moment a color captures you. has the best game apps with out of the box graphics and designs. These apps are packed with advanced lighting capabilities and provides the player to add visual effects and enhance their roulette game experience.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

All professional graphic designer wants to make some excellent vector artworks and designs, and that is where this app comes in handy. There is plenty of an advance feature on this app that makes the ability to do a task easier and fast. Some of these features include a vast collection of fonts, five vector brushes, contextual data, scalable strokes, Simple, quick automatic global page adjustment; it becomes a go-to app for every designer.


Graphics software has changed the way fine artists work. Pixlr has been around for a while and always has rich features that are easy to use. It is an excellent image editing app that is accessible both for Android and iOS users. This world’s best image editing app comes with over 500 along with layers, color management, cropping with other amazing features. Furthermore, it is free.



New visuals and graphics apps hit the market every week; therefore, as a professional designer, you need to keep up with the trend and get the latest and the best apps. Tablets and mobile phones are becoming beneficial tools in the creative designer’s field. Try using these apps every time if you want to make fantastic graphic designs.

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